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2018-2021. Acute vocal fold inflammation after phonotrauma: a new treatment based on mechanical tissue mobilization (FONDECYT 1118291).

2019- 2020. Impact of tube diameter and vocal tract volume on the oscilation of oral pressure and tissue movement caused by bubbling in vocal trained subjects. 

2018-2020. Eficacy of a therapeutic protocol based on water resistance therapy in subjects with vocal nodules. 

2018-2020. Eficacy of a physiologic therapeutic protocol based on the semioccluded ventilation mask in subjects with vocal fatigue.

2019-2021. Determinación de la tonicidad de los músculos cervicales, faciales, supra e infrahioideos y la postura corporal, en las personas con disfonía comparadas con las personas con voces normales.

2017-2018.  Vocal tract setting in hyperfunctional dysphonia and belting.


2017-2018.   Aerodynamic characteristics of growl voice and reinforced falsetto in metal singing


2017-2019.    Contribution of the Epilaryngeal Tube Narrowing and Vocal Tract Shape on Spectral Characteristics During Twangy Belting: a Computerized Tomography and MRI Study


2017-2018.    Immediate Effects of the Semi-Occluded Ventilation Mask on Subjects Diagnosed with Functional Dysphonia and Subjects with Normal Voices.

2016-2017.  Analysis of Phonation Threshold Pressure, Contact Quotient, and Self-Perceived Voice Quality in Subjects with Behavioral Dysphonia and Normal Voices after Two Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract Exercises


2016-2018. Hemodynamic characteristics of larynx associated to vocal exercises.


2016-2018. Efficacy of Water Resistance Therapy in Patients with Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease.


2016-2019. Effectiveness of a physiologic protocol of voice therapy in subjects with behavioral dysphonia.


2016-2018. Effects of a systematic vocal exercise program on the physiologic range of voice production in opera singers.


2016-2018. Changes on vocal economy index after semioccluded vocal tract exercises.


2016-2018. Efficacy of a voice rehabilitation protocol based on semioccluded vocal tract exercises in subjects with vocal fatigue.


2016-2018. Oscillation of laryngeal and pharyngeal tissues during water resistance therapy: an MRI study.


2016-2018. Duration of water resistance therapy effect on vocal folds vibration: a high speed digital imaging study.


2015-2017. The Impact of Double Source of Vibration Semioccluded Voice Exercises on Objective and Subjective Outcomes in Subjects with Voice Complaints


2014-2016. Stem cells injection as a treatment for vocal fold scar in humans.


2015-2016. Efficacy of water resistance therapy in subjects diagnosed with behavioral dysphonia: a randomized-controlled trial.


2014-2016. Water Resistance Therapy as Vocal Warm-Up Method in Comtemporary Comercial Music Singers.


2014-2016. Air pressure and contact quotient measures during different semi-occluded postures in subjects with different voice conditions.


2014-2016. Effect of water resistance therapy in subjects diagnosed with prebyphonia.


2014-2015. Comparison of supraglottic activity and spectral slope between theater actors and vocally untrained subjects


2014-2015. Comparison between physiologic and technical vocal warm-up in pop singers


2014-2015. Electroglottographic contact quotient during and after different semi-occluded vocal tract exercises in subject with functional dysphonia and subjects with normal voices.


2013-2015. Vocal tract and glottal configuration during and after straw phonation in subject with functional dysphonia: a computarized tomography study.


2013-2014. Aerodynamic, electroglottographic and acoustic differences between actors and non-trained voices.


2013-2014. Effect of three types of vocal warm-up protocols on acoustic, electroglottographic, and aerodynamic characteristics in teather actors.


2011-2012. Laryngeal and Pharyngeal activity during different semi-occluded vocal tract postures


2011-2012. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation in superior laryngeal nerve paresis.


2010-2011. Presence of supraglottic hyperfunction in vocalization in healthy opera singers.


2011-2012. Effect on Closed quotient of Semi-ocludded vocal tract postures and vibrato.


2011-2012. Maxillary Dental Arch Form and Vocal Tract Length Related to Voice Classification in Singers.


2011-2013. Phonatory mechanisms and resonance strategies in rock singers. Physiologic and Acoustic Characteristics.


2010-2011. Effect on Long term average spectrum of vocal function exercises in singers with normal voices.


2010-2012. Acoustical and perceptual voice quality categorization in professional radio broadcasters.


2010-2012. Influence of expression in the acoustic parameters of vibrato in opera singers.


2010-2012. Therapeutic effect of semi-occluded vocal tract exercises in patient with type I Muscle Tension Dysphonia.


2010-2012. Immediate effects of a vocal exercise sequence with resonance tubes.


2009-2010. The use of the Mobile Voice Laboratory During Type I Thyroplasty with Gore-Tex.


2008-2010. Correlation between perceptual evaluation and acoustic parameters of Vibrato in Tenors.


2008-2010. Effect on Long term average spectrum of basic emotions in theater actors.


2008-2010. Voice and Psychotherapy.

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